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Thursday / October 25th / 2001
Everywhere companies are laying people off...

Technology companies worldwide are laying off employees. Other companies are simply going broke or just closing up business. Of course, since this is such a sensitive subject, no one wants to talk about it hoping that by ignoring it that it will go away. Lots of questions and people wondering, getting upset and that type of thing. I have decided not to get worried and just see what happens. What I cannot figure out is why things either go super great or really bad, the pendulum swinging from one extreme to the next. Humanity never seems to learn from its mistakes. The Internet craze is another example of foolish fixation pushing things to the extreme. Wasn't it supposed to be some panacea making us all unbelievably rich? And thus happy. A Nirvana. Now look what is happening! Better to live one day at a time, and if I get laid off then let it be. Am I sounding too passive?

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