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Saturday / March 2nd / 2002
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Alright, I have decided to dedicate myself even more to the future of blogging, as I am convinced that this will in the end help save the world and humanity. So I am pretty modest, aren't I? The reason is that I will be writing reviews from now on about blogs, believe it or not. This seems to me nothing less than a very noble pursuit, and I look forward to becoming more and more involved. Coming in contact with new sources of infinite wisdom, helping others, exchanging ideas and inspiring bloggers everywhere to keep up the good work. In order to remain completely anonymous, I will not reveal where I will be writing reviews. Good luck, watch out and happy blogging to all.

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Please don't do mine... It is pitiful and needs loads of attention that I never have time to give :) I;m glad to see you have nutted out CSS. Your blog looks great! KiwiNessie (MT Blog ring circumnavigation)
Posted by KiwiNessie at March 4, 2002 07:38 AM

Hey KiwiNessie, what are you talking about? I think your site looks just fine. Should I enter your site anyway?
Posted by Kiffin at March 4, 2002 07:31 PM

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