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Wednesday / February 26th / 2003
Highest priority...

If worse comes to worse, my main concern at this very moment is not whether or not my business works out and I earn enough to survive. My highest priority is raising my kids properly so that they will grow up to be healthy and happy, up-and-running and well prepared to face life on their own as solid adults. I wonder if I will be successful in this regard. Actually, to be honest I feel more hopeful of doing alright on the father than the business front, so in the end at least I will feel I have accomplished something. When it comes time to look back on how things went, I mean.

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I have some close friends that have had to keep things in check lately. A couple of them have realized that what they do for work, and how much they earn from it, is not a measure of their success in life. Family is a good thing!
Posted by Stu D. at February 27, 2003 09:43 PM

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