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Monday / March 3rd / 2003
Thought viruses...

Check out Death of a blogger for an interesting discussion about the so-called thought-viruses which through the art of blogging everywhere produce walking and talking and self-propagating memes.

~ Posted at 09:08 PM | Blogs etc.
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Well, he's a bit harsh, but the nut of his criticism is apt. Blogging does rely on far too much meme propagation for its own good (and I say this as someone who has done his share of mindless meme propagating). To me, the central problem of blogging is the lack of "the editor". I don't agree with the underlying assumption that there is something foul with the notion of memes, though. And I disagree somewhat that academic writing is plagued by the facile memetic copying of blogging. Blogging demonstrates a simple cascade effect; academic writing, while it perpetuates memes in its structure, tends away from quippy, too-clever, sarcasm and toward arcana.
Posted by Brian at March 4, 2003 06:44 PM

The way I see blogging is that it enables most everyone to share thoughts and ideas with others. Some are more creative and original than the other, but each and every blogger is unique in his or her own right. Most of us are far from academic, but as long as you create words and sentences for the Internet, the sky is the limit. Nothing wrong with that is there?
Posted by Kiffin at March 5, 2003 09:03 AM

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