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Saturday / March 22nd / 2003
Orchestrated misinformation...

Right now on the television there is a plethora of an ever-repeating cycle of information flooding the media. One seriously wonders what is true and what is merely dramatized propaganda. Events so far covering the attack on Iraq seem to be running amazingly smoothly, in fact the incursions on various fronts are going way ahead of schedule. There is very little if any resistance, droves of enemy soldiers are turning themselves over, and one town after the other is falling in American and British hands. Watching the so-called spokesmen and women on CNN makes one shudder with disbelief. With overly smiling and confident faces all events are proclaimed as expected and tremendous successes. Once in awhile, there are slight letdowns (a couple of soldiers killed, helicopters crashing, sporadic resistance in the desert) but these are brushed aside as negligible. One seriously wonders what is really happening out there, what the military is purposely withholding from the public. To make reports look even more convincing, there are a couple of journalists out there riding tanks cowboy style like in some action movie. I am really letdown by the way that the station CNN is allowing itself to be brainwashed and led on with this kind of misinformation. I have all but forsaken this laughable station for the BBC which at least tells some of the truth once in awhile (be it by accident at times). One glaring example is this. Do they actually believe that few if any innocent civilians will be killed? What with this pinpoint accuracy of the surgical strikes, surely modern technology would not dare to disappoint us? This is scary politics, and I wonder how many Americans are being mislead, as if this is one big game filled with fun and adventure.

~ Posted at 01:44 PM | World affairs
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Good commentary, Kiffin. One of the best interviews I've seen on tv was this morning on Fox News. A British military officer obviously in a high position was being asked several questions by a reporter, and he replied to one of them saying "this is not a Reality TV show and it's not a video game". How true...
Posted by deb at March 24, 2003 08:24 PM

Well one may claim that this is not Reality TV but many stations are doing their best to make it appear that way in order to entice even more viewers than the competition.
Posted by Kiffin at March 24, 2003 09:00 PM

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