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Tuesday / March 25th / 2003
Historical marker...

I was very pleasantly surprised to receive an email the other day from a fellow Kiffin. There are not that many Kiffins out there, but what can you expect from a unique breed? He is yet another Kiffin who was also named after Kiffin Yates Rockwell. To make the coincidence even more amazing, it turns out that his father also read the very same book "They Fought for the Sky" as my father did. Both of them were so impressed that they decided to name their sons Kiffin. Small world where distant paths occasionally intersect in unexpected ways. Below is a picture that Kiffin took way back in the eighties which he thought I would be interested to see. And I most certainly am.

Historical marker in Asheville, North Carolina...
Historical marker in Asheville, North Carolina.

~ Posted at 12:10 PM | Kiffin
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That's kinda cool!
Posted by deb at March 26, 2003 09:42 PM

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