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Wednesday / March 26th / 2003
T68i mobile phone...

Sony Ericsson T68i mobile telephone...Alright so I decided to go out and splurge on a nice new fancy mobile phone. I was sick and tired of carrying around my Nokia brick (back then it was state-of-the-art but not any more). I needed something with the following requirements: small, light, easy to use, with a color display and vibrating alert.

As it turns out, I could get the T68i mobile phone for free(!) if I agreed to extend my Vodafone subscription yet another two years. I could not resist so I did it.

I still have to figure out how the darn thing works, beyond just calling people and sending so-called SMS text messages. Things like vCard support for exchanging electronic business cards, sticker notes, SyncML with online calendar and contacts, WTLS full WAP security, games and even more games, SMS concatenated (long text messages of up to 1530 characters), WAP 2.0 compliancy, voice control, high speed data (HSCSD), fast and reliable WAP, enhanced by GPRS, screensaver, MMS and all that mobile Internet stuff, ad infinitum.

It also has this miniature joystick for scrolling and selecting menu options which takes some getting used to. So far the teeny-weeny buttons are a little on the smallish side, and I cannot imagine what it would be like having long fingernails. Because the phone is so small, I need some practice with calling in that I never know if I am speaking directly into the microphone alright or not. So far no one seems to have any problems understanding me.

I will need a whole day to study the user manual, if I ever in fact get that far. Well, at least it looks nice and people think that I am so "modern and cool" carrying it around.

~ Posted at 09:04 AM | Technical stuff
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I've been very happy with mine Kiffin. I've had a it about two months, it works perfectly with OSX synching diaries and approx 400 contacts. Moving images from Mac to phone and vice versa is dead easy and the Sony Ericsson Clicker lets me control Powerpoint, iTunes etc from the phone using Bluetooth! Cool
Posted by Euan at March 29, 2003 12:11 AM

I would say that that is quite an amazing coincidence, both of us having the same mobile phone. Or not?
Posted by Kiffin at March 29, 2003 11:59 AM

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