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Sunday / April 6th / 2003
Like flotsam...

I must have been taking my shower for ten minutes when I suddenly realized that the whole bathroom was slowly filling up with water. As a result I was wading around up to my knees which was a strange and unfamiliar feeling. For some reason, the drain had plugged up and the water level had risen to about two feet. The whole surface of water was cluttered with various loose items like flotsam of personal belongings left over after an ocean liner had recently sunk. I dove under the water to see if I could discover what had caused the shower to get all plugged up. Much to my shock and dismay, I discovered a body of a plump and seemingly healthy-looking baby floating face-down near the bottom. Drowned and not breathing and hanging there just above the drain.

~ Posted at 11:33 AM | Dreams
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Gee, Kiffin, that's a creepy dream. Scared me even to read it!
Posted by deb at April 6, 2003 08:33 PM

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