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Wednesday / April 9th / 2003
What folks look for...

Here are the top searches so far for this month. In other words, the following phrases are what people who come to my homepage are looking for:

  • hurni
  • riding
  • barefoot
  • discordic colors
  • effective java
  • enneagrams
  • eva luna
  • horse
  • lingo
  • poems
  • previous lives
  • sabien
  • switserland
  • tao
  • vous prie de vous y rendre
Thanks to the fine (free) search service provided by Atomz.

~ Posted at 08:04 AM | Internet
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It's fun to track search results that lead people to a site. Sometimes they make sense (I have a lot of people reaching my site searching for "pinched nerve shoulder"), solmetimes they don't (I have some people reaching my site while searching for "milky women"). Mainly my site gets a lot of searches for books and authors, but this month a lot of people have come looking for "scrabout", "bagel dogs", and "earth below drifiting falling". Stats are fun!
Posted by J.D. at April 9, 2003 03:24 PM

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