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This web site is dedicated to all those fine "future-famous" folks out there (like myself) in the so-called real world, whatever that is. You want to do something with your life, interact with other "future-famous" folks through the mysterious medium called the Internet, exchange new and interesting ideas, ad infinitum. To improve the world in which we live, in any way possible as best fits your nature and personality.

Now, I have spent an awful lot of time designing this site, only to redesign it over and over again. I sometimes wonder why I do it and why it is worth it all. Simply said, this is my own personal way to express myself and try to be creative as best as possible. Within the natural limitations of the personality with which I was born, of course. But that has never stopped me before.

I invite everyone to explore my site randomly, looking around the many crooks and crannies, the thick jungle you have to hack through, whatever. In the end I am confident that the journey is a worthwhile one. I welcome everyone to come back regularly or at least once in awhile. Please have fun, and above all take care that you do not get too lost in the quagmire.


The following weblog entry is called "See you in 3 weeks" and it was posted to Gibberations on July 11, 2003 by Kiffin.

Today is the last day before we set off on our three week long adventure through France, our long awaited for summer vacation. We have been looking forward to it for some time now, and while it may not be as exotic as our trip to America last year, it is a much deserved break which we will certainly enjoy to the fullest.

July 12 - July 13 : Nancy, stay over night in a Formule 1 hotel.
July 13 - July 18 : Murs-de-Gelignieux, camping Ile de la Comptesse.
July 18 - July 28 : Frejus, camping le Frejus.
July 28 - August 2 : Vesoul, camping International du Lac.

See you all in three weeks or so. Off we go...


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Also I would like to take this occasion to welcome everyone to my brand-new Cyber-Gish homepage. I have redesigned, revamped, and otherwise completely changed a number of pages, trying to improve certain parts as well as adapting the overall look-and-feel. Always trying to make things even better. This site is still continuously under development, as the many random thoughts in my head guide me along and coerce me into committing even more to this electronic medium. The general progress of this infamous homepage depends on how quickly I learn the ins-and-outs of advanced web design (my first project was developing this online ruleta site for a popular Slovak gaming company), and how well I can use my creativity within the Internet world of interconnectedness (see below). Yes, I agree with the reader that perhaps I tend to get carried away at times and include way too much. Indeed my messages appears pretty unstructured at times. Alot of blah blah and that kind of stuff.


Cyber-gish webcam view.

However and then again, that is pretty much how I view the "real" purpose of this homepage: a jungle of ideas in which the visitor is free to do his own exploring. A quagmire in which to lose oneself. My suggestion is to just click around randomly and enjoy what you happen to confront. Soak it in. So where is one to start? Well, for starters I might suggest the beginning with the list of internal links I provide here in the margin to your left. Just click one for one the links in order to progressively find your way through the site, pseudo-chronological order. And then within each page there are even more and more links to distract you and pull you away back into the world of information and other trivia, the bits and bytes of existence. Yes, I am well on my way to becoming more organized, following some type of predictable style, I hope. My new goal in life is to become a future-famous web designer, can you believe that? Spread the word, invite all your family and friends to drop by my own private Idaho jungle. That is, if you dare. Please continue.


So why the term CYBER then and what does it have to do with Gish? Well, according to the experts, cyber is a prefix used to describe: a person, thing, or idea as part of the computer and information age. Originally taken from kybernetes, Greek for "steersman" or "governor," it was first used in cybernetics, a word coined by a group of scientists led by Norbert Wiener. Made popular by his book of 1948 called: Cybernetics or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine. Cybernetics is the science or study of control or regulation mechanisms in human and machine systems, including computers (that object you are now pounding and clicking your days away on). A favorite author of mine William Gibson is often credited with inventing or popularizing the term cyberspace by using it in his novel of 1984 called: Neuromancer. Cyberspace is:

"The total interconnectedness of human beings through computers and telecommunication without regard to physical geography."

I like that idea of total interconnectedness with all of humanity, the collective consciousness, etc. Another common term is cyber-psycho. Just added my last name to balance things out is all. That was how the name Cyber-Gish was born. Hope you all have a good time perusing this site, gathering insightful information, and having just plain fun exploring the many nooks and crannies.


In the end, it is up to you really. But it is time to act not just hang around waiting. Do you care to take the challenge, do you dare? If you are not already a famous person but you (secretly) entertain inklings of "future-famous-ness" in your heart, you could very well qualify as a candidate. Your chances are pretty good. This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Feel free to take the grueling test in order to see if you qualify to join the Society of Future Famous Folks (SOFFF, also known as S0F3). Check it out.

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