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Saturday / March 9th / 2002
Another computer...

Alright, I have been putting it off now for quite some time, but I have finally decided to go out and splurge. So this is what I did yesterday: I ordered a state-of-the-art Dell computer. This is because through my work I can deduct certain so-called office equipment from the taxes, a good deal which is hard to resist. Now this is what I finally ordered:

Dimension 4400 with P4 1.8GHz/256K No Sound with Floppy Drive
Dimension 4400 English Documentation and European Power Cord
512 MB266Mhz DDR RAM Memory (1*512)
80GB (7200RPM) IDE Hard Drive
24 x CDRW and 16 x DVD
SW DVD Decoder for XP
European - 17in Performance Midnight Grey (P793) Monitor
64MB Ti500 GeForce3 Video Card
Creative Labs SB Live Value Sound Card
European - Harman Kardon 395 Midnight Grey Speakers
Dutch - V.92 Data/Fax/Voice Internal PCI Modem
10/100 PCI WUOL Network Card for Dimension
Mouse Pad with Dell Logo
MS Intelli-Explorer Optical 4 btn PS/2,USB
US - Dell Quiet Key (3 Hot Key) Midnight Grey Keyboard
English - Win XP Pro with Norton Anti Virus 2002 for XP
UK- MS Works Suite 2001
Am I spoiled or what? It will take ten working days before it is delivered to my doorstep, just in time for the new entertainment room we have had built above the garage. Now we will have a grand total of no less than FOUR computers in the house. I plan to hook them all up in my own home network, if that is not too much work. Hopefully, I will finally have my "own" system to play on without having to fight with the other kids who have completely monopolized the computer with all their emailing, chatting, gaming. However, Lennart is already bugging me to use the new Dell Dimension for his latest games because of the GeForce3 video card he can increase the resolution and it looks real cool. And then we can also play against each other over the network. Real cool. Not sure what the future has in store for these children of modern technology who will have to grow up one day to become the leaders of the world and take care of you and me. Even if we all had our very own personal "wow" computer, that would probably not be enough. At least the quality of my blogs will increase exponentially, as if the type of machine makes such a big difference. Let's just be honest and say it is the person penning the words and that's it. Pen and paper should be enough, but lately it is not. But let's keep on pretending anyway.

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Sweeeeet! Even though it isn't a Mac! Keep us posted on it's arrival and setup!!!

- Posted by Pat at March 10, 2002 12:19 AM

This is great!.You are such a "teckie" family.! That computer seems much better than mine,a Dell too but SO slow. Of course,I use it only for emails and info.

- Posted by Maman at March 10, 2002 12:52 AM

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