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Thursday / October 30th / 2003
Bunch of mountains...

The Netherlands is a very flat country, very flat indeed. Alot of the endless countryside which scans its way out to the horizon like the flattest table top you could ever imagine is in fact below sea level. Green expanses which spread out in every which way and direction like an extending circle.

Extending and round and folding inward all over again.

So you can imagine my surprise while driving back home when all of a sudden I saw a bunch of mountains right in front of me over there and off to the side. At first I could not figure it out.

Upon closer inspection, and refocusing my eyes out into the right proximity and distance, I realized that the evolving and billowing whitish mass was nothing more than a reformation of clouds which had decided to assume the profile of some famous mountain range or other.

Recognition triggered inside my mind, followed by the truth of reality, and then back again.

~ Posted at 05:28 PM | Life in Holland
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